Center Making Progress!

Prairie Pines Childcare Center has been making great progress thanks to tremendous support from the community, donors, and volunteers.

Last week, Dawn Skeie Crane made a donation to the Center on behalf of the Skeie Family. “We want to thank the Skeie family for their generosity,” said Greg Mireault, who serves as president of the Center’s board of directors. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without this kind of financial support.”

Others who have donated include Leah Faudskar, Essentia Health, First Care Foundation, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Fosston Municipal Utilities, Hartz Foundation, USDA Rural Development, Blandin Foundation, Fosston Area Community Fund, Rotary Club of Fosston and CEG employees.

“We want the Center to be sustainable, so we want to keep the amount of the debt down,” said Greg. “If we can keep the debt to a minimum, we will be able to provide more affordable services, which will be a win for everyone.”

The Center is still seeking donations. Individuals, businesses, or organizations who wish to donate are encouraged to contact Michelle Landsverk, who is helping the Center with their fundraising efforts.

Work on the Center is continuing, and it is anticipated that they will be able to open their doors first quarter of 2022. “We have a way to go, but we are making great strides and are following close to our projected timeline,” said Greg.

Progress is far enough along that the Center has begun the process of hiring a Center Director. The Director will play a key role in the administration of the Center and will be responsible for providing oversight and leadership to the program. The position description and application form can be found here.

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